We continually develop leading IT business solutions and business critical IT services.


Transforming organization with topnotch innovation and It roadmaps.

Cloud & Enterprise Software

Cloud Services as a business strategy.

Systems Integration

Delivering seamless business systems as one consolidated system for business performance.

Transaction & Payment Services

Expertise in delivering e-payments and digital solutions.

Managed Services

Creating business profitability through smart and robust managed IT.

Big Data and Data Security

Combining Big Data and Security as business differentiator.

Unified Communications & Business Collaborations

Connecting branches into one robust and unififed communication for business optimization.

Getting To Know Us

Explore Solstren IT, the innovative company which strives to offer leading IT solution to organizations. We believe in the mantra of bringing technology, people and process into a unique and simple IT solution. We partner to sustain business objective for our clients and partners at large. Our solutions are powered by local talent to deliver cutting edge platforms and systems.

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Our Clients’ Transformation Challenges

Our goal at Solstren is to empower our client on their digital journey by applying our in-depth industry knowledgeand portfolio of IT services to attain their business objective.

Customer Experience

Re-design Customer experience and client engagement.

Trust And Compliance

Ensure client’s infrastructures, staffs and customers are secure and complaint.

Business Reinvention

Develop existing business models to take advantage of new agile digital networks.

Operational Excellence

Assure the excellence,
efficiency and resilience of business and operation.

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